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Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Second Day: Result

Well the tournament ended today.  I had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days ending up runner-up.  The winner of the Scottish Golf Croquet Opens Championship this year was James Hopgood.  Ranked 200 in the world out of 2000 (against my 537 at the moment – I was, I think 267 at my best) he defeated me 7:3 and 7:4 and I, if not at my best, was not playing badly!
DSC02678 Jamieson Walker presenting the Walker Cup to James Hopgood
To round off the day one of my dearest friends (who, 35 years ago was the originator of the boring old fart comment and more recently rescued me with home truths) came over from the Edinburgh side of the country and we met in town and went to Café Hula for dinner.  If you are in Glasgow and going for a companionable meal before the theatre or any time really then it’s in Hope Street opposite The Pavillion Theatre.
DSC02683 DSC02682


  1. Congratulations! I think you did extremely well for someone who hasn't played for months! Well done, you!!

  2. Hi GB, what glorious posts! I feel as though you have taken me on a 'grand tour' of your gallaries and museums. Also, I particularly like the gardens of Dunblane and the statue of the beautiful young woman at the Lady Lever.
    Best of luck with all your upcoming croquet matches (or is that games?).
    Looking forward to your posts from France.
    See you in the southern summertime.

  3. Well played, Graham! ;)
    Sounds nice that you also got some time with your old friend.

  4. Well done Dad, great result. Got to be happy with that.

  5. Thank you all.

    And Chris...it's nice to know that you are following. Not long now before my return South.

  6. And you weren't at all down in the dumps at being ONLY second.

  7. Thanks to Friend Whom I'd Trust With My Life for pointing out that the Café Hula is opposite The Pavilion Theatre and not The Kings as I'd said. Silly Me.