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Saturday, 10 July 2010

At Garry Sands

Wendy and I went to Garry Beach earlier in the week before I came down to the Wirral.  It was cold, wet and windy.  That didn’t stop us enjoying ourselves and having a good walk although I would have preferred it to have been warm and sunny so that I could have walked barefoot through the sand and sea.  It didn’t stop the photography and Wendy went one step further to ensure that she had just the shots that she wanted:Wendy2

We met some enthusiastic holidaymakers and their children were searching for crabs and anything else they could find in the pools oblivious to the weather:

CrabsAnd here’s a couple of photos of Garry Beach, North Tolsta in the rain.  This beach is about 7 miles from the house where our children were brought up and they spent many hours playing here.  But that’ll be a blog for another day.


DSC01257 DSC01243 Furry friends wreaking havoc with the machair


  1. I had to look up what machair is and the rabbits do seem to appreciate it. We don't see many rabbits around here but strangely I saw two on the day of the car rally. I guess the noise brought them out to see what on earth was happening.

    Garry Beach looks lovely, even on a rainy day. A great place for kids young and old, (no not Wendy and you) to enjoy.

    Love the shot of Wendy sprawled out to get that perfect shot.

  2. I'm sure that I would enjoy your Wendy's company, GB...you'd find the both of us here, there and everywhere to grab just the right pictures :)

  3. I had to look up machair too... There are actually wild rabbits around where I live in town too. First time I saw one on the lawns here I thought it was a tame one escaped... But then I've heard that they are wild ones; apparently some are living in the banks along the railway nearby.

    I'm enjoying your photos from the island, getting a feeling of the landscape (and the climate...)

  4. You really DO have it all! A beautiful beach AND bunnies!!!
    Really, is there any place more fun for kids, and easier on a parent than the beach? :)

  5. Thank you for a new word! Wonderful. And here's one in return for you: Chenier Plain.


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