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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A Basking Shark

There are Basking Sharks in the bay:



  1. Yikes! I received the most wonderful postcard in my mailbox ♥

    Love surprises, I do.

    Thank you, sweet friend.

  2. You get sharks? Don't know why that amazes me. Guess I associate them with warm climates. What sort are yours?

  3. Yep. We do get sharks in UK waters. The largest is the Basking Shark. It's a huge plankton eater. I was in a 16i Clinker many years ago fishing in the Minch and one decided to be 'friendly' with the boat. Oh. That was scary! Not that they'd harm you but tipping the boat over would have been scary enough in those waters so far from land in a fast current.

    These are all sharks that have been caught or sighted in UK waters:

    These below aren't called sharks but are basically just smaller versions of the same basic body model
    greater spotted dogfish
    lesser spotted dogfish

    I caught a dogfish once. They will take a finger off with no problem and a bite anywhere would be very nasty indeed. And it's not easy to kill them!

  4. Basking? In the weather you've been having? (LOL)

    Well I suppose you have not really been longing to go for a swim anyway...

  5. I saw two in the bay this morning when I was on my way home from Stornoway. They must have been there when you were heading for the ferry. It was mill-pond calm and so warm that I pulled into the parking place and watched them for a while.

    Hope your weather on the mainland is as good as ours is. Enjoy your week away. I will feed the pigeons for you!! xx


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