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Thursday 15 July 2010

Friends For Lunch


Friend Who Knows Too Much with Daughter Who Loves Horses and Artist Daughter came for lunch today.  One could not wish for better companionship and humour.  I love them dearly.   For very many years I have had a line drawing. I have absolutely no recollection of who gave it me but I’ve always known it as Pip’s Tree.  It is framed in glass and sits in my hall with a pen to enable people to look at it, decide where they are on it at any particular time and colour in their ‘self’ for the day.  This is something we four do and this is the four of us today.  I’m waving.  FWKTM’s standing on the branch with her two daughters and AD is having a piggyback.  DWLH is on the platform.  None of us is falling off today!  That has to be a Good Thing.

A few years ago I discovered from CJ’s blog posting What Sort of a Day Are You Having that the Tree was, in fact, Pip Wilson’s copyright and known as the Blob Tree.   I understand that used at this size the copyright is not being infringed.  For more details see Pip Wilson’s site .  


  1. I can imagine the chuckles as your guests decide which one they are today. Glad no-one is falling or living dangerously today. Right this minute I would have to be the sad sack laying on the ground in a huff because I can't climb the tree.
    (The tree does look a bit different in winter, doesn't it?)

  2. What a fun thing to have in your hall, I love the idea. I definitely would NOT be one of the guys swinging by their arms (in that case, next second I'd be the one falling). Just possibly I might be the one sitting on one of the lower branches holding on very tight to the trunk. Although it would have to be by a mircale I got up there in the first place...!


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