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Sunday 18 July 2010

I’ve Fallen in Love – Again!

You’d think I’d have more sense at my age wouldn’t you.  But no.  When we were walking round the Lady Lever Art Gallery my eyes alighted on a face of beauty and mystery; a face that I would never understand but would always feel was there just waiting to be understood.  Of course it’s not the face itself but the expression on the face that tells the story – or withholds it.  The person who created this face understood people. 




I was so busy standing in front of the sculpture marvelling at the depth, the pathos, that I didn’t take in the sculptor’s name.  When I got back to CJ’s and looked at it again I knew the name.  Of course.  Jacob Epstein.  How much controversy has he created in his works.  When I was a young man, perhaps even a child, Epstein created Liverpool Resurgent which became a Liverpool landmark but which, when it was first placed on Lewis’s Corner (Lewis’s was a famous Department Store which started in Liverpool) caused huge controversy.   However it soon became part of Liverpool and a well-known local meeting place as immortalised in the 1962 song "In My Liverpool Home" by Peter McGovern: "We speak with an accent exceedingly rare, Meet under a statue exceedingly bare"


All this is, of course, just a rambling aside which I fancied you might find interesting.  For me Deidre will remain loved but I will only be ably to dream of what she might have been thinking as I stood in front of her and gazed into those eyes.


  1. She is truly gorgeous, like a goddess.

  2. I can see why you'd be attracted to her but there is too much sadness in her eyes for me to want her around too much. Don't think I'd want to delve into her thoughts.

    You've been a prolific blogger, haven't you?

  3. "the expression on the face that tells the story – or withholds it"

    I like that. It does look to me like she is in her own thoughts, not really letting anyone in...

  4. Well....the title to this post certainly grabs the attention!
    You're right, the artist had a depth of insight into character that is uncanny, especially when you figure that he was able to express it in a statue!
    He has captured a very slight smirk on her face, I think. Her eyes...quite pensive...reliving a memory, perhaps...definitely not allowing anyone else in....
    The eyes sort of remind me of Lyndsey's.


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