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Friday, 30 July 2010

Quiet Times?

This evening I’m in that sort of limbo mode where I want to do things at a manic rate round the house and garden and also want to just sit and do my own thing with my photos and blog and emails and phone calls and….  You know how it is.  Anna went off on the lunchtime ferry and as I write is either on the luxury coach from Inverness to Glasgow or stranded in Inverness because the ferry was an hour late arriving in Ullapool.  As I haven’t heard from her I suspect that the latter is the case and that she is trying to find an alternative way home or accommodation for the night.  The joys of travel. 

So this afternoon I fitted a new drawer in the kitchen and did a few other jobs around the house.  I now have a week before my next visitor and am hoping that the dull, dreary, wet weather will depart so that I can get some work done in the garden.  If not then I shall just enjoy the break to work on scanning some of my thousands of old photos and cataloguing my digital ones.  I’ll also be back in blogland.  I am behind in my reading never mind authoring new posts.

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  1. Just heard from Anna that they couldn't hold the coach for her incoming coach and she is on a coach going to Milton Keynes via Glasgow where she'll alight several hours later than otherwise. A bad end to a few days rest and relaxation.


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