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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Street Theatre

Most cities, in the UK at least, these days seem to have their fair share of artists, musicians, sellers of Big Issue and beggars with the inevitable sad looking dog. In York I have seen a troupe of fire jugglers and eaters. Glasgow is no exception although I have to say that I have seen very few beggars especially compared with Edinburgh where, when I was last there, Princes Street had a beggar every few metres. It was one of the most distressing things about the City. My conscience says that I, with relatively plenty, should help those with little or nothing. But the cynic in me says that fueling a drug habit (and a simple look at the eyes tells one that many of them were stoned out of their minds) is not a good use of my money (or theirs for that matter). But, as usual, I digress. Glasgow has lots of musicians and plenty of street theatre. I have seen many human statues but this one in Buchanan Street was, I though, particularly good.


  1. At first, I wasn't aware that this was a "real" person...I did think that it was a statue, and then I read the sign.

    I can't even see him breathing - hahaha - well, of course. In a photo, you'd never know.

    This man is an artist.

  2. It IS an amazing sight to behold! I've seen one...and when he moved, it was SO unnerving!