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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Blogging Concern

A friend telephone me the other day and said "You haven't blogged for three days and I'm getting worried. Are you ok?" Actually I had blogged and I was ok. She just hadn't refreshed her browser. The person concerned is one of my dearest friends of long standing so a concerned call was not to be unexpected.

However in Blogland where many of us have never met face to face the concern is often just as real when a fellow blogger is sounding down in the dumps [another phrase for you Scriptor] or disappears off the face of the computer for a longer than usual period. Sometimes a quick email just reassures one. However when a blogger like L'Archiduchesse disappears unexpectedly and without warning for over a week one begins to get concerned. L'Archiduchesse is at an age and in one of the most vulnerable places to pick up something like swine flu. On the other hand anything could have happened or not. Now I am one of the world's natural optimists and don't generally worry about things either. But when a regular blogger just disappears without even saying 'au revoir' I begin to wonder. I do hope you are ok L'Archiduchesse.


  1. Do you remember that posting that I wrote a long while back...asking for reassurance to know that one day beyond this world, we shall meet?

    These, as you've written, were some of the thoughts that brought that post about.

    Because, we're far apart on this earth...not in heart, but not able to know when something should occur to take us from this world...

    Each day, we should live to the thought that a tomorrow may not be here....but to know; a new day will come for those who believe.

    Love to you :)

    Oh my goodness....
    Do you know that my word verification is:

    INARAP - In A Rap

  2. GB,
    You are one of the kindest, purest, most genuinely concerned people I have ever met.
    I do hope that she is ok, too.
    I'm going to click on over to her blog and check....

  3. GB, you are such a kind and loving man! Thanks a million for your concern!

    I am indeed alive and well, and will be back to blogging with a vengeance!

    Lots of love,

    The Archduchess

  4. Archduchess: You have no idea how glad I am to hear that. Welcome home (so to speak). GB

  5. Heather: Yes I do recall a posting many months ago when I was in New Zealand. I can't recall what it was called but I do recall that you questioned how you would know if something happened to one of your blogger friends and how we would know if somehing happened to you. I think you said then that you hoped that when the time came you would be reunited with your blogging family.

    I remember it because I immediately thought that if anything happened to me Scriptor would tell everyone anyway.

    Thank you all for your very kind comments. I feel quite unworthy of them because I'm only expressing the concerns that we all feel.