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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Flora Edwards: 1909 to 2002

Mum was born 100 years ago today. Flora Edwards née Body died at the age of 93 on 15 March 2002. Forty years earlier we had been on holiday in Scotland: it rained a lot when we holidayed because we did so amongst hills and mountains and in August during, of course, the school holidays. August was also the wettest month of the summer. As readers know photography was a family pastime and rarely were we to be seen without a camera in hand. Which was how I managed to get this photo. I had no time to focus, properly aim or indeed think as I walked towards Mum and she struck the pose. I had the camera at my side and just pressed the button. That I only managed to cut off Mum's feet was a miracle. It is one of my favourites amongst the very many photos I took of Mum.


  1. She presented herself well, GB. Noted especially because this poise was not necessarily for the camera. What a genuine smile...glowing. I love the way she's holding the flowers too.

    She raised two sweet, well mannered, totally loveable boys...didn't she? She must have been one remarkable woman :)

  2. Yes, dear Heather, she was a remarkable woman.

    No she wasn't posing for the camera at all. That's what made it so natural.

  3. GB:
    You've really captured a wide array of emotions here...in the photo and in your words...
    Wonderful moments...

  4. Flora was a beauty! And it looks as thogh you were having a wonderful time, for her to pose so for you!

  5. what a lovely lady, kindness shows in her eyes and smile!

    1. Thanks Norma. She was very kind.