Friday, 17 July 2009

Steak Pie

A few days ago I blogged on Steak Pie and Kindness. Heather commented that I hadn't put a photo on. The reason was simple. When I saw the steak pie and put it in the oven the last thing that occurred to me was it as a subject for the blog. It was, after all, simply a steak pie: beef in a thick gravy covered by pastry. What's bloggable about that? Well we now know. But hindsight is a wonderful thing. Actually having just thought about it hindsight is a terrible nuisance. It causes us to re-consider, ponder, mull over and generally get our knickers in a twist over things which would have been better left unthought about. But, hey, that's just an off the cuff morning ramble not a philosophical statement!


  1. Oh my yumminess!! That looks tasty and the way that you've described it causes it to look even more tasty :)

    Okay...now, untwist your knickers because you've shared it well.

  2. Oooo, steak pie sounds marvelous! And I agree about hindsight...who wants to get their knickers in a twist!!!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm.....very pretty...(even to a vegetarian....)
    ;^) ;^) (So you KNOW that's pretty!!!)
    Twisted knickers....


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