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Friday, 3 July 2009

Canal Wildlife: Damsel Flies

Along the bank of the canal was so much wildlife that I would have taken for granted but for my years of wandering with CJ. There were mayflies galore and I managed to photograph this couple. Unfortunately they were a couple of metres away and over the water and I had to rely on the camera's telephoto capabilities with some loss of sharp detail. However I was not too displeased. More wildlife will follow when I can next blog.


  1. Common Blue Damsel Flies I think!
    Your brother will put me right.
    Good shots for hand held. As I've mentioned to CJ I have a sneaking suspicion that the really crisp shots posted are of dead or frozen ones. Not that they move a lot when engaged in this behaviour, all the best Adrian.

  2. Thanks Adrian. I should know that, of course. CJ and Helen would be ashamed of me. My excuse is that I was tired after a long day. The real reason was complete lack of thought!

  3. I don't know if you realized it or not but the last shot (I think that they'd be mating there) - they form the shape of a heart.

    That is one worth keeping, GB. So sweet.

    Love it.

    Love the colors in the first one with the soft pink petals and the baby blue head of the fly..

    Sweet post!!!

  4. No, Heather, I hadn't actually realised that it is a heart. How vary appropriate - from a human perspective.

  5. Found my way to this post thanks to Heather's and Scriptor's comments on my own dragonfly post (14 July)!