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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Breakfast at The Rio Café

I was invited out to breakfast with friends today. It was a fascinating quartet who sat down to eat. One living in Spain, one in Dubai, one in Glasgow and me, a transient occupant of this City with a heart split between New Zealand and an Island in the Atlantic off the West Coast of Scotland. We met at The Rio Café in Partick. The original idea was for an eggs benedict breakfast but one of the company doesn't like eggs so that was a nono. One preferred eggs florentine leaving one eggs benedict and....me. Now I'd actually been off food for a while and couldn't even be tempted by an absolutely delicious Moroccan lamb dish at the Café Hula on Monday evening which I just about managed to pick at when out with David. But this morning my appetite returned and I managed a breakfast which far exceeded my total food intake since Sunday!

The Rio Café

The breakfast I polished off!


  1. Knowing you so well, I just don't believe that you actually ate that breakfast. Now David, that would be a different story!

    So glad your appetite has come back - I think!!!

  2. Sounds like a wondrous quartet, indeed!