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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Mixed Messages

Yesterday and this morning I have woken (at Gaz's flat in Glasgow) at 0600 to the sun streaming into my bedroom. Yesterday this lifted my heart because we've had such miserable weather for weeks and I wanted to get some particular photographs before I left Glasgow for home. So I went through to make a cup of tea and, of course, switch Samantha on. Merde! Il pleut. Well, pas exactement mais presque. And when I looked at the pavements it's clearly rained heavily during the night. Tant pis!

The sky from the bedroom at 0600

And from the kitchen
PS. I did manage the photos during a weather window in the late morning.


  1. Who are you talking to, in French? I have NO idea what you said.

    That's quite the contrast from one window to the next. If the buildings weren't as they are, I'd think you were looking from my house all of the month of July :)

  2. Si, Senor. No comprende la frances.

  3. Merde! Il pleut. Well, pas exactement mais presque. ....... Tant pis!

    My humble apologies. Although I am far from a reasonable French user I do tend to use bits and pieces. Oddly it's fairly common amongst my friends in Scotland. In this case one of the reasons was that saying "Shit, it's raining" seems somehow less offensive in French than in English. In the UK umbrellas sometimes have "Merde, il pleut" on them.

    So the translation is: "Shit, it's raining. Well, not exactly but almost.......Too bad!" (a rather slang phrase which I am told was not used in good company 40 years ago) or (according to Google Translate) 'So much for that'.

    If L'Archiduchess reads this I'm sure that she will correct any errors. Come to think of it if CJ reads this he probably will too.

  4. Well...we just had to ask...
    ;^0 ;^) ;^)

  5. And I'm glad that you did. I must remember that quite a few of my readers are not users of the French language to the extent that we who travel there often are.


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