Thursday, 23 July 2009

Last Post

I was just catching up with a few blogs before breakfast as is my wont when I read Scriptor's latest entry entitled Last Request. It made me wonder. If I knew this was to be my last posting what would I say? Now there's a thought!

Immediately the words of the Confession from the Church of England's Book of Common Prayer, which I must have recited many thousands of times in my life, immediately sprang to mind. "We have done those things which we aught not to have done and left undone those things which we aught to have done." Never were truer words spoken of man.


  1. True words....

    Yet, my last words, if they need have been, to you, my friend...would be...

    You touched a life in a way that many would not know and through that life, a seed has grown to blossom into something quite beautiful...remarkable. Without you in this world, at this time and times before...these people you have known would not have had that seed planted within their soul.

    For you, sweet friend :)

    ♥ Heather

  2. Wow. I am always amazed when feelings are placed in words that way, through me....that actually came from me :)

    And...for you

    You have touched my soul.

  3. Yes, very true words.

    And a beautiful sentiment from Heather. Quite touching.

    I would say: For everything there is a time, a season, and a purpose. Who knew that by reaching across cyber-world, we would touch each other to the degree that we have? It has been priceless. I am thankful.

  4. Yes. I think we are all here for a purpose and part of that purpose must surely be to help our fellows. If we don't do that then what good are we? Thank you.