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Tuesday 14 July 2009

Steak Pies and Kindness

I was introduced to steak pies last week!

As I've mentioned I attend hospital every weekday at the moment and the same people meet every afternoon; in my case in the waiting area for Treatment Room C. They are a great crowd and we have a good time waiting. For men there is a preparation time before the appointment of between an hour and half an hour so, combine that with the vaguaries of transport and hospital parking and we spend a lot of time together.

It's an absolute riot. One chap comes with his wife every day and she is a wonderful chap too! She remembers all the names as well and keeps us all right. Anyway her husband, Harry (referred to universally, apparently because his father was also Harry, as Junior despite being somewhere around my age ) likes his steak pies. Another, Brian, has decided that he together with Harry and me are the Three Musketeers. If you could see us in action you'd understand. The first rule of our waiting area is that you are not allowed to be miserable or feel sorry for yourself. After all we are all there for the same reason: to survive the Big C.

The subject of steak pies arose last week and I said that I couldn't ever remember having one. Well. What happened on Thursday? Marlene (Junior's wife) brought me a book which had a green cover (I'd said that I once read a book: it had a green cover) and he handed me a parcel and said "Here. That's your dinner."

When I got back to the flat and opened it what did I discover? A steak pie. I put it in the oven that evening. It was so tender and delicious. I was bowled over. Both by the pie and by people's kindness.


  1. Don't get David started on Steak pies. He is something of an expert!

    Me? I hate the things. Apparently, according to David, Charlie Barley's are the best in the world. For those of you who live on the Isle of Lewis, you will know of Charlie Barley. Graham will no doubt explain the vagaries of that name to the rest of you!

    So glad that you are "enjoying" your time at the hospital dear Graham. I so admire the fact that you can laugh at times of such adversity. You are a lesson to us all. xxx PS. Such cute creatures that bleat - was that word especially for me??!?

  2. You didn't take a photo of it? Oh, the shame...

    Of course, sweet friend..I am picking; although, I would like to know what you refer to as a steak pie?

    I make pies around holidays (which should be made much more often...b/c I absolutely love the flavor)...that we call meat pies. They're made of beef (I use turkey burger, less grease), onions, potatoes and seasonings. Is that similar?

    Either way...what a wonderful blessing to have found such friendship and caring. I remember my mother sharing her awe inspiring thoughts of the treatment rooms where she went. Everyone, even though they were all there for "not so feel good" reasons...they shared a freedom friendship that you cannot find just anywhere.

    I am so pleased to know that you are well cared for, everywhere you go :)


  3. Got me going now. Have to get baking!

  4. Spesh: Everyone has been telling me that Charley Barley's steak pies are the ones to beat. I shall, doubtless, try one at some time. Actually using the slow cooker to cook the steak should be good for making a home made one. I might give it a try.

    Heather: I have no idea what came over me but I suppose that when I cooked it it just never occurred to me that I might be blogging about it. Don't know why given that I blog about anything these days given half a chance. I'll remedy it though in the not to distant future.

    Steak pie here is chunks of beef steak in a thick gravy covered with pastry (in this case puff pastry). I assume that there are onions in the gravy but no vegetables. If you put potato in it becomes a meat and potato pie. Presumably there are other combinations. I shall have to research the subject.

    Adrian: Enjoy your cooking.

  5. People can be truly kind, especially when drawn together in the way you people are.

    Hubby has been through this too, so I know it can be unsettling. How wonderful that you have these fun people to share it with.


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