1 EAGLETON NOTES: Frustration



Sunday, 5 July 2009


I need to vent my frustration somewhere and this is the obvious place! I know that every one of you who read this will have experienced something similar at some time. Not, of course, that that makes me feel any better. I keep telling myself to play the Glad Game. In this case when one computer refuses to work I have two more to fall back on. But it doesn't seem to work like that. Get a problem in one and they all come out in sympathy! This morning Palin who yesterday came back from the Hospital where he's been all week because the bearings are wearing in the fan and he's waiting, noisily, for new ones. He, like me, has been allowed home for the weekend for good behaviour! Unfortunately he's being particularly grumpy and will not back up his data and Windows Explorer has decided to have a go slow - sorry a go so slow it's almost stop - morning.

I won't go on about them. Samantha seems to be the only one on good behaviour. But then she is the only she of the three. And I'm whispering just in case she hears. So, despite being up since 0612 I haven't managed a single email yet. Arghhhhhh.


  1. My goodness! What a day for computer issues! Have you tried using a different browser? And if all else fails... Menacingly waving a sledgehammer at them might spur them into behaving!

    Good luck!

  2. I read this quite early this morning but had no time for commenting...I smiled, not at your frustration (well-maybe a little).

    Sounding like me, with my boys :)

  3. To my mind, there is nothing as frustrating and maddening as a computer. In my next life, I plan to study computer engineering and become a hardware/software specialist so I can avoid all the aggravation! Good luck, GB.

  4. Archduchesse: I tried waving a sledgehammer at a computer once. Never again. Have you ever seen a computer retalliate!! Fearsome spectacle.

    Heather: My boy is at least 3" taller than me and hugely fitter. He probably thinks I sound like that.

    Deedee: Please can I propose marriage to you in your next life. 'Cos in my next life I want to marry someone hugely knowledgeable and capable who will sort my computer problems without me having to spend so much time doing so. In return I'll do the ironing and cook! I'm good at them and don't find them anywhere near so frustrating.