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Friday 24 July 2009

Glasgow Cathedral: Part 1

Earlier in the week I mentioned that I had been to Glasgow Cathedral. It was raining. I've been waiting for some sun ever since so that I could get some decent photographs of the exterior and the surroundings. As the sun has steadfastly refused to show its face I have decided to give you a glimpse of parts of the Cathedral.

The original nave having veen destroyed by fire in the 1100s the present nave was consecrated in 1197 and extended and completed between 1207 and 1232 - 260 years before Columbus discovered America.

The Quire screen behind which is the eastern arm or Quire and below it the Lower Church

In the Lower Church can be found the Blackadder Aisle built by Robert Blackadder who was the first Archbishop of Glasgow (1483 to 1508).
It is a quiet sanctury full of light and contrasting with the rest of the building.
It is a good place to pray for friends.


  1. There's something very special about old churches and cathedrals. Just knowing that people have been worshipping in the same place for centuries.

  2. Oh, Graham...
    This is definitely going on my list of places-must-visit...
    I want to experience that atmosphere and feeling that you've described....

  3. I cannot imagine being in such a large church. Look at the size in the first shot. I would just want to explore, rest and sift through my mind. Listen. Oh, the serenity of it.

    Thank you for sharing this, GB :)

  4. I always thought Blackadder was a television invention for Rowan Atkinson! You live and learn.


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