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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lunch at Duck Bay

I was reminded by one of Heather's recent beautiful postings Papa's Little Bunny of the Song of Hiawatha by Longfellow. A beautiful poem and one I have always liked and admired. One of the verses is:

By the shores of Gitche Gumee,
By the shining Big-Sea-Water,
Stood the wigwam of Nokomis,
Daughter of the Moon, Nokomis.
Dark behind it rose the forest,
Rose the black and gloomy pine-trees,
Rose the firs with cones upon them;
Bright before it beat the water,
Beat the clear and sunny water,
Beat the shining Big-Sea-Water.

Today friends took me to the banks of Loch Lomond, about which the verse could have been written, where we had lunch at the Duck Bay Marina Hotel where I had, not that long ago, attended the wedding of their daughter. After lunch we walked for a short while along the Loch. I can not believe that it is only a few years since Gaz and I walked up Ben Lomond on the other side of the Loch. It was, I think, the last Munro that I climbed.


  1. Firstly, thank you. Thank you, my dear friend for sharing this poem with me; exactly the words that my Papa would recite...many a time.

    Secondly, wherever you go...I find myself longing to be there; to see the world around you. Scotland, New Zealand...the airplane view, even. GB, you bring light to my eyes and a dream to my heart.

    Thank you, dear and treasured friend. Thank you :)

    You are very special.

  2. Beautiful! The photos are beautiful and the poem is a favorite.
    I also thought of the song...
    "On the Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond!"
    (Word verification: "tindwam" ~~~
    Must be a Hiawatha term akin to wigwam or Loch Lomond Teepee!)

  3. Gosh, haven't heard Hiawatha for years. Memories!