Monday, 27 July 2009

It's 0530

It's 0530 on Monday 27 July 2009. The sun rose 20 minutes ago although it's been light for ages. It's a warm morning (for Lewis!) at 13 deg with a mild southerly breeze. It's cloudy with some vague promise of a glimpse of sun. It's damp and there are showers spattering the horizon in several directions. It's a fairly typical July morning on a Scottish Hebridean Island. So why am I telling you this? Because my Brother, CJ alias Scriptor Senex, and Jo alias Wife Who Loves Tea have just set off on their journey home to the Wirral on Merseyside. Firstly, however, they have to catch the ferry from Stornoway to Ullapool where they arrive on the Scottish mainland 2 hours and 40 minutes across The Minch.

CJ's been here since the middle of May. It'll be very odd without him. We get on rather well. There will be no one with whom to share the crossword over morning coffee. No one to remember to switch off the stream into the garden pond at night when I forget. No one to whom to say "Please will you remind me to....." And when I come home on Friday from my last stint of treatment in Glasgow no meal will be waiting for me. The house will be empty.

Travel safely both of you.


  1. Yes, it will prove to be an adustment those first few days home...although, remember that you are never alone :)

  2. adjustment...can't let that go without fixing - and why not let everyone know that I make mistakes too :)

  3. GB, your is an incredible family. I'm so happy that you and CJ had this time together. While you've been going forth and back from Glasgow CJ has been there at your home.

    Wishing CJ and Jo safe travels all the way back down south. And safe travels to you too, off to Glasgow for the last treatment.

    You can spend the next few weeks blaming CJ when you can't find anything at home. My folks get to do the say after either or both of the daughters has been staying.

    I wonder if CJ will have my problem - I get home and keep tlloking for kitchen things I don't have but my folks do!

    Hope you week goes well and the rest of your Summer is very happy,

    Michelle way down in Wellington, xxx

  4. No Heather one is never entirely alone and I am blessed in that I never want for human companionship either. But many many of our fellow human beings do want for that companionship. After all whilst man may not be able to live by bread alone neither can man live without bread!

    Oh and by the way I didn't even notice the mistake until you pointed it out!

    Thank you Michelle. I think our family is special but then I would, wouldn't I?

    You are so right about kitchens and so on. I have the same problem when I get back to either my Eagleton or Napier homes!

    Glad to see that Zebbycat is still ok and giving you support.

  5. CJ will be missed by us all, he took fantastic pictures of the Island which I really enjoyed.

  6. Another season...changing...
    I know that we will miss CJ being on the island and all of what he called "ramblings" about it...
    I can hardly imagine how much you will miss him.
    Glad Game.
    I am glad for the time you've had there together.

  7. Mickle is already right about the kitchen things. Now where is the non-existent pickle extractor???


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