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Thursday, 30 July 2009

I Have a Theory

For many years I have had a theory about the way toilet rolls are hung. I have been hanging a lot of them recently so I thought that is a particularly appropriate time to see if my theory is correct. Question: Do I ask the question first or tell you my theory first? Well I expect the maximum number of responses I'll get will be about five. I know it's many years since I did stats at Uni but even my brain cell can tell that I'm hardly going to get a representative sample of the world's population or a statistically significant result. But wotthehellarchiewotthehell lets be adventurous and go for it.

Toilet rolls can be hung with the paper running down the wall as in the first photo:

or away from the wall as in the second photo:

I have a theory that which way you hang the roll generally depends on whether you are male or female. Am I correct?


  1. I am female - down the wall
    David male - over the top

    What does that prove? Just tells me which bathroom he used last! We have a running battle in our house. He puts the roll one way and I then change it around! Too much information?!

  2. Or dependant on whether you own a playful cat. No.2 can be disasterous if kitty gets bored so does some unrolling........

    My loo paper holder has a cover that comes down over the top half, so No.2 is safe from ol' Zebbycat. Otherwise I'd have to use No.1.

    See - my choice is determined by my moggy, as is most of my life.
    Yes, yes, I know:

    "Dogs need a Master,
    Cats need staff"

    care from Wellington, Michelle

  3. I hang away from the wall, it seems daft putting it against the wall as grabbing hold of the paper becomes harder.

  4. I don't know...but I cannot stand it when someone in my house (mainly my husband) puts the roll on backwards. Backwards to me is against the wall.

    I like the way it's done in the second photo AND I really like your holder. That's the best one I've ever seen!!

    Yes, GB. When I hang the paper, it is ALWAYS as it shows in your second photo - my middle son, the one who I think is SO much like his dad actually is the only other one in my house that puts the roll on the hanger most times - and he does it like me :)

    This is a great post....I'm easily amused :)

  5. Well, that worries me a little, because the first 25 years of my life, the paper ran down the wall. Then suddenly, I started going away from the wall.

    I've always been a little different!

  6. I'm female, and I prefer the second alternative. My holder has a very tight cover, though, and is not very comfortably positioned (have to twist my arm backwards to reach it), so sometimes I don't use the holder on the wall at all!

  7. Well, your "only 5 comments maximum" theory is already blown....
    Seems you've started something here, GB.
    I'm voting for the second photo.
    I recall reading a newspaper article to the advice columnist "Dear Abby"...
    ;^) (See how important it is???!!!)
    I distinctly remember her saying that since the printed design or embossment or quilting or whatever that particular brand of TP is decorated in...it should always fall away from the wall so that the decor will show.
    Now THAT'S important stuff.

  8. Definitely has to be away from the wall.

    Also I don't like the ones in public places - the huge rolls that sit against the wall and then you have to pull the paper sideways and try to tear it on the not too sharp cutting edge. I also think the cutting edge on boxes of tin foil is useless, but then that's a little off topic!

  9. Haven't read the comments before doing mine - Male - away from the wall! (But then Jo puts it on the same way - so I guess we cancel each other out whichever way round it is.)

  10. Just read the comments - so what was your theory. GB (now blown away by the non-representetaive sample)?

    By the way, I agree with Helen about the tin -foil. And don't you just hate the way rolls of clingfilm fight back.... How far off topic are we allowed???

  11. Female, and away from the wall, otherwise it drives me nuts.

    Aha, but your sample might be somewhat representative of your readers (since you sampled from that population.) However, the sampling method is nonrandom, which means you should take those results with a grain of salt and assume they are just approximations.

    So... what's the theory?

    (I use the side of the counter to tear aluminium foil, but clingfilm is my nemesis.)

  12. Comment via email from Carol on Lewis (not Carleo who's away from Blogland at the moment):

    Have just been catching up on your blogs (have family home at the moment, so computer only available when they are still asleep in the morning!!) Just want to say , I always have the loo paper falling on the outside - I hate it if someone puts it in the other way!!! How daft, isnt it?

  13. I had a nemesis once but I overwatered it and it died.

  14. female and definitely option 2 - away form the wall and if any one puts it on the other way i HAVE to turn it over - i can't bear it ;0)

  15. Friend Who Knows Too Much doesn't know my theory of toilet rolls: "I hang my toilet roll with the tail away from the wall - does that correspond with your theory?"

  16. I hang it over, and so does Mac, my husband. My daughter hangs it to the wall, and so did my former roomate (female) years ago. I think it makes more sense to do it over since it is much easier to grasp that way.

  17. Emailed comment from Sue: For the record I was a wall loo roll person until John converted me!

  18. I've posted the 'results' in a new post. Thank you all for participating.

    As a reluctant and very frequent user of public loos I concur with Helen. The one thing I never do is go into a public loo without emergency supplies!

  19. shabby girl, that is exactly what i was going to write, how strange is that, I thought I was a little odd suddenly changing my preference at age 43!! against the wall right up until this year, now suddenly I have it as in the 2nd picture (wondering why i never did before lol)

  20. shabby girl, that is exactly what i was going to write, how strange is that, I thought I was a little odd suddenly changing my preference at age 43!! against the wall right up until this year, now suddenly I have it as in the 2nd picture (wondering why i never did before lol)

    1. It's your 'other side' coming out Julia! Good to see you!