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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Statues, Longfellow and Other Thoughts

I love statues and suchlike works of art. Not all statues, of course. Just like a picture, for every thousand (or whatever figure) we see, one will strike us as important for some reason: we may love it or hate it but we will notice it. The moment I saw this statue (an enlarged version and details can be found at Soaring Through The World In Pictures on the posting entitled Stepping Stones: William Hamo Thorneycroft: 1878 which I posted earlier today) in the Kibble Palace last week I fell in love. Seldom have I seen such love and care brought to life from a block of marble.

When it was first exhibited in Glasgow in 1880 it was accompanied by the couplet "Pausing with reluctant feet/where the stream and river meet" which, I have since discovered is from the poem Maidenhood by Longfellow. What a coincidence.

Why a coincidence? Two reasons: Firstly it links the statue with those of you in the USA who read this blog because Longfellow was American and secondly because only a short while ago Heather quoted from Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha which I subsequently included in a posting on 7 July entitled Lunch at Duck Bay.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1807 - 1882 was an amazing person whose talents were far wider than 'just' writing poetry.


  1. There's a reason for all of this coming together in the way that it has...a deep spiritual meaning for it; I know this...even though I may not always discover the meaning for years later.

    This statue is beautiful! The close up of the faces is priceless and shares such a soft strength.

    So glad that you posted her.

    I've been terribly distracted with the sun shining outside, if only I could take my computer with me. I've peeked in here and there, wanting so much to share my thoughts but have not had the mind for it...for some reason. I think the allergies of rain/shine cause me to drift through the days in a cloud...not to mention, these boys are keeping me B-U-S-Y. But, as always, my mind is thoughtful of you throughout the day...even if I may not have a moment to respond.

    Thank you for the writing of your recipe too...I have a few questions about it though.

    I don't know what caster sugar is...or what meringue nests are.

  2. This sculpture is absolutely beyond beautiful, GB.
    I enlarged the photo and just had to gaze for a while.
    It does have a great deal to say.

  3. Thanks Heather. Thanks Cynthia. It's lovely when friends enjoy the same things.

    I think, Heather, that Cynthia has answered the culinary questions on the pudding posting.