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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Being Adventurous

I know. How sad am I that I think that altering my blog is being adventurous? Well I've decided that it's about time I made the format of the blog a little more interesting and flexible. I have certain parameters and constraints. The most important of which is that my blog is read by people for whom Broadband is not an option. Indeed when I am in New Zealand although I have Broadband it is over the mobile Vodafone network and therefore both slow and expensive. However I shall experiment. I have to leave the computer now so what you will see today is just a trial and, hopefully, when I get myself organised it will improve.

If you have any difficulties with the new layout or any layout in the future please, please do let me know.


  1. I LIKE it! It's very easy to read this way...and you'll be able to fit some of your favorite photos a bit larger when you'd like to.

    Those who do not have broadband will be slower in seeing our blogs if there are flash widgets on them (like the linkwithin and the clocks or slideshows, etc.). Those take a little while to upload for them.

    I do really like this format and thought you might appreciate hearing from someone about it :)

  2. Thank you Heather. The feedback and the encouragement are much appreciated. Yes. Some larger photos will appear as will a wider photo for the heading.

  3. Brilliant how is it done? I keep posing these questions but no body replies. Like dealing with medieval clergy, knowledge is power and all that malarkey. Sorry, please insert please after 'How is it done'

  4. Nice, GB!
    I've enjoyed catching up on your postings of the last few days...there are some great photos! Looks like you've had some wonderful moments, too.
    So glad....

  5. Thank you all so much for the encouragement.

    Adrian: I've tried to answer your question by email - easier than posting a huge long comment.