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Sunday, 28 June 2009

One of Those Days

Today started for me when I woke just after 0600 to sun and warmth. And it is still warm and sunny 15 hours later at 2100. CJ and I had no plans for the day so just took it as it came. Pat popped in around 0900 and had a coffee and a few hours later Carol and Iain dropped in on their way back from a walk round the cliffs. Just after midday CJ and I went for a walk down the croft to the shore. I went in my walking jandles with the intention of walking through the water of the high tide. I just love walking in the sea. As always the cameras were at the ready and were well used.

CJ in his usual pose. This time photographing a jellyfish

I dislike jellyfish but the blue vein inside this little creature was fascinating

The croftland is alive with a myriad of flowers and, at this point, many marsh orchids.

The uphill plod back home up the track

A neighbour has many New Zealand holly bushes. They bring my two homes together.

After a salad lunch I decided to back up Palin because, although he's not yet a year old, he is going into hospital tomorrow for a new fan to be fitted. Unfortunately he and Samantha both threw wobblies throughout the afternoon and I spent four hours getting them back on their feet. Four hours I could have spent much more profitably. I could even have spent time in the sun. Ah well. So today hasn't been the most relaxing nor productive of days. But then playing the Glad Game, it could have been five hours spent getting the computers back or, worse still, they could still be out of commission.


  1. I really like the photo's of CJ and his jellyfish :)

    Sorry that your computers are having troubles :(

    Sunday is a good day to do a little much more than nothing brilliant :)

    ♥ Heather

  2. It may have been a short walk in the grand scheme of things but it was very enjoyable. It's great to share these happy moments with you.
    Love - in old buckets - CJ


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