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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I Can't See The Sky

It's Wednesday. Where has the week so far gone? I woke this morning and couldn't see the sky. OK so I have joined the Great Majority but I don't like not being able to see the sky. After all I usually wake to Big Skies (see Not Rambling Far on Scriptor's Rambles From My Chair). 'No sky' has so far set the pattern for my day. Got up about 0630 and decided that I really had to try and acclimatise to my new home for the next six weeks: my son Gaz's flat in Glasgow (he's away at the moment). It's a beautiful flat with every mod con and his artworks all round his wonderful handiwork (who else - other than a joiner - dovetails all his bookcases) and when I stay it's not a problem. But living in a different space means that you have to know where the toilet paper's kept.

Now I've never been the sort to complain about things but I'm sorry I'm going to have a moan about this morning before I have my shower and get out to the city centre when I'm meeting a friend at 11am. It's already 9am and I seem to have achieved nothing. Having sorted out my room and got clothes etc into their new homes I decided to answer my emails. There were none!!! Wot! Stuck in Glasgow and no emails! Well I suppose that I had so many phone calls and texts yesterday that no one sees any need to amail me (and Pat's broadband's still down). OK so I told myself not to sweat the small stuff and that's definitely small stuff. No peanut butter and no Marmite so I decided on porridge. I make porridge a lot and I generally use the microwave. I've never had it spill over in decades. Today it spilled over. The bread was the 'wrong' bread for toast. After cremating two lots I managed to get some out of the toaster which were at least light brown rusks. Had them with cheese. Now I LOVE cheese. But not for breakfast. And to cap it all a couple of hours after getting up I felt sick. Fortunately that's passed. I started the morning with Arensky's Piano Trio but since then I've gone through the Asrael Symphony, Bach, Mozart and I don't know who else. I just can't find anything to suit my mood (probably because I don't know what mood I'm in) so I'm listening to Laura Brannigan. But as I'm in a flat (appartment) albeit a solid and well soundproofed one the sound has to be moderate. Laura Brannigan should be played LOUD.

OK that's my moan for the year. I promise. Now to get on with the day. Hopefully I'll be back in my temporary home this evening and will catch up with some proper blogging. And I won't moan.

Oh. And by the way did I mention that I can't see the sky.


  1. One problem easily sorted. Can't fix the breakfast from France but have fixed the lack of email!

  2. Oh my words...a true email, I shall send :)

    ♥ to you!

  3. That'll teach you not to open my e-mail before you go to bed and then get up earler than me. Can't get used to you being on Glasgow time!

    Sorry I've got all your sky but I have to store it up for the long months back home.

    (I'm in a Mozart piano concertos mood - and it's loud!)

  4. our broadband up and running so Pats cannot be far away. Sorry you have no sky, but was not particularly nice here this morning. Hurry home xx

  5. Oh! I hope you can get out and find lots of sky, GB!

  6. Thank you all so very much.

    I forgot this morning to add that it was grey and pouring with rain. As I have no car here I have to walk and use public transport. Good for my waistline and general health but means that I get wet when it rains!

    Anyway that didn't matter. The rest of the day has so far been great. All I have to do now is answer emails and blog. And it's after 9pm. Ah well. Can't stop. Got keys to tap.

    There is nothing more prized on this earth than friendship.

  7. There lots of sky here, plenty to spare! I'll send in the sunshine and the birds, too. It's not quite what you might be used to, what with having buildings instead of the sea, but there's lots of blue, almost forever! You can have some of our heat too, we've got way too much.

  8. Thank you Archduchess. Heat? What's that? Your offers gratefully accepted.

  9. I so understand how odd living without a vast sky must be. Since age 4 I've nearly always lived on the side of a hill with the huge Wellington sky to view. It is just out there and, well, IS.

    I now realise I really missed my Big Sky while living in London for about 7 months in 1987/88. And the Sun was in the wrong place in the sky!

    Cold, wet and windy here. Hope all goes well in Glasgow for you.

    Rearrange dear Son's place (i.e. kitchen cupboards) to suit your self - will take him ages to sort it out. I base this on my parents' experiences* each time they recover from both daughters having stayed.

    care, love, healing and huggles,

    Michelle and Zebbycat, just into the shortest day here, xxx and purrrumbling

    *I was pretty ruthless a few weeks back when I went through the parents fridge and pantry - "Mum, the best before date is 2003" etc... Yet they're still talking to me gave me lots of hugs....

    Word Verification is "nessesti", very apt!

  10. Michelle:

    You too notice the sun in the wrong place. It caused me serious problems with my direction s in New Zealand for the first few years. Now I've got used to the change.

    Gaz's flat is immaculately organised and certainly wouldn't have anything out of date. And I thought that I was pretty well ordered in my own home. But Scriptor is staying at mine whilst I'm in Glasgow and 'mentiond' when I got back that some of the stuff in my cupboards was out of date. Hmmm.