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Monday, 8 June 2009

A Pirate Parrot

Some people give sensible presents. Some don't. Some people receive sensible presnts. Some don't. I received a parrot (amongst, it has to be said, other things) for my Birthday. What does that tell you about me? What does it tell you about him?

He (well he's a he when I talk to him) repeats (twice) everything that you say to him. He opens the door twice again when it is opened. He mimics the wind in the porch (twice). Fortunately he has an off switch. Now if people were like that.....


  1. I (me...the mother) in some sort of lunacy, saw one of these at a second hand store and bought it for my little man's birthday one year. He delighted in it, I did...NOT...and soon later, it returned to the second hand store.

    Later enough, when he also was quite annoyed by it :).

  2. Aaarrrrgghh! Ahoy there, Matey! It's because ye be livin' by the sea! Ye must have ye a pirate look-out...for ye know the ol' proverb:
    "Where there be a sea, there be pirates!"