Monday 29 June 2009


I've not commented upon followers up until now and perhaps that was very remiss of me. I suppose because when I started blogging the idea that anyone but a few friends reading what was essentially a diary didn't occur to me. Yesterday, however, two new followers arrived: Deedee and Synflame. They followed Adrian who joined a few weeks ago. I knew Deedee through Scriptor's blog and because I'd visited her blog, 'though never commented on it. Because I rarely venture outside the safety of a small number of bloggers whom I have come to know it didn't surprise me that I was only acquainted with Adrian through seeing his comments on Scriptor's blog and that I didn't know Synflame at all. But there was something rather familiar about the name Synflame and when I looked closely there was something even more familiar about the person in the tiny thumbnail. And so there should have been. I suddenly realised that I recognised the name in another context and that the photo - taken on top of the Alps - was of my own son, Gaz. I was really pleased and somehow following and being followed has become even more meaningful.

Synflame, by the way, is defined as an intellectual but dark being with sub edged knife like intent. Hmmm. I'm not sure I know what that means. But, hey, it sounds good anyway.

The photo above is of Gaz when he and I walked up the Clisham on the Isle of Harris a few years ago. Sadly whilst I might be able to get up such a hill these days I'd be very hard pressed to get down again. Sadly my fencing days (with a foil not a sledgehammer I would just add) have taken their toll on my right knee.


  1. How exciting is this?! Extremely, I would say. I just love the way life unfolds for us in these ways.


  2. It looks like you might be able to parachute down that slope--it would be quite a fun ride, to day the least :)

    WV: bryofi--green mosses, abbreviated and misspelled (Bryophytae)

  3. Amazing how these blogs grow, very new to it and am surprised anyone wants to look at my posts. However I enjoy the attention, vain devil that I am.

  4. Yes, Heather, life unfolds in very mysterious ways. Doesn't it just.

    Some ride that would be Archduchess it's very rocky but the land all around is bog so after a bumpy decent your broken body would have a soft landing. I shall post a picture of the hill from the bottom.

    Well, Adrian, there's honesty for you! I share your surprise though.


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