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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Soaring Through The World In Pictures

As I have said before (repeating myself is one thing I'm good at!) I'm new to blog following having essentially used my blogs as a diary and way of letting friends in either New Zealand or the UK know what I was doing. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the new-found blog following habit that I have formed (thanks to CJ aka Scriptor Senex) even though I only follow a very small number. Even with that small number I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time on the computer.

Apart from family blogs the blogs I follow every day are, as one might expect, the ones in my sidebar and the other blogs of those blog-family members.

I have followed Heather of Simply Heather for longer than any other blogger and never was there a less aptly named blog. There's nothing Simply (and very definitely nothing simple) about Heather. A complex and talented lady is she. I am full of admiration. All the more so now that she has created a forum for those of us who love photography in Soaring Through The World In Pictures. Thank you Heather. I hope that we all live up to your expectation and make it a great success.


  1. You are SO loved and appreciated, my friend; not because you've written this but because you are :)

    I suppose that you, without knowing it, have just described my reason for the word "Simply" in my screen name.

    I am not simple...ever, really. I am a contrast of words shaped together in a formation to create a "me". hahaha (that wasn't a simple explanation, now was it).

    BUT...with capital letters...

    In your last sentence, you've said it. I do not hold people up to expectations. I've realized that expecting from others can lead to dissapointment and hurt - to both. I am only able to change my own feelings about life and the way things affect me. The things in life that bring me the most joy are the simple things...the blogging world and computer are not simple for many, but for me - it is. The world I see and feel, is that of which I must share with everyone. I just must. I desire for others to enjoy the simple, loving, natural and the beauty of this world.

    Yeah...it doesn't sound simple - but because it is for me...most of the time, I am Simply Heather :)

    BIG ♥ full,

  2. Blog reading is addictive. I find it fascinating to look in regularly on others in different parts of the world and find out what they are doing and thinking about.