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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Why do Girls do That?

This lunchtime in Glasgow turned out to be warm and sunny again despite the forecast of showers. As I walked between buses this lunchtime I saw a couple embracing on the concourse of the Buchanan Galleries. Now there's nothing unusual in that on a sunny day (or any day come to think of it) but I noticed that she was standing on one leg - the way girls do. One of the things I used to wonder about was why they do that. That wonder was re-awakened today when I remembered that the statue in the Buchanan Street Bus Station exhibited the same trait. So why do girls do that?


  1. Probably don't if they are 6' 6" or the boyfriend is 5' 2". In these enlightened times it begs the question ; if two girls are kissing do they both stand on one leg. and is it the left leg or the right? All the best Adrian

  2. I'm thinking, balance....
    Wouldn't want to topple to whole lovely moment....
    If the guy is tall and wide-shouldered and the gal is small, she could leap into his arms...but if not...it could be disastrous...
    :^0 ;^)
    Also, it could be a "control" issue...such as in: if you can't keep both feet on the ground...at least keep one planted firmly....
    Okay, there you go... two cents worth from Dr. C.

  3. Me? I don't do that. Can't really tell you why :)

  4. I didn't do that; I stood on my tiptoes because my darling was 11 inches taller than I.