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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

You're Not Allowed To See These

Glasgow has a bus station. It is a fairly new, very clean, light and airy bus station. I think it is impressive. I decided today to share that thought and the wonderful sculpture in it with you. Unfortunately it is, apparently, prohibited to take photos in the bus station. So far as I could see there are no notices. After I'd taken a few photos I was approached by a member of (presumably security) staff telling me it was prohibited. I asked why but he didn't know. It's just prohibited. It wasn't an arrestable offence. Well, I'm sorry, if anyone wants to breach security they can do it a million ways. I took photos openly. I think you'll agree it's a good facility.


  1. Glasgow has always been one of my favourite cities, the architecture is superb, if a little grimy last I was their.
    Photography in public places is becoming a problem, shopping arcades,airports,art galleries, and most heinous don't inadvertantly get a member of the constabulary in frame.
    The world gets dafter!

  2. Cute sculpture!

    I wonder why photographs are banned... It is a public place, after all! Next thing you know, photos won't be allowed in sightseeing areas!

  3. A wonderfully light building, with a clock even short sighted Mickle can read withour glasses.

    Hope your time in Glasgow goes well this week.

    care and huggles, Michelle and a snoozling Zebbycat.

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