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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wot I am Missing?

As views from a flat in urban Glasgow go the views from Gaz's flat are pretty good and he is not overlooked by other flats or buildings (unless they have binoculars). Indeed on one side there are just trees visible. But it's just not like the view from my kitchen window in Eagleton (nor my view from The Cottage in New Zealand for that matter). So I am always cheered by the thought that at the weekend I will get to see the following garden part of that view again:

A gift from a friend Big Puss watches over my efforts in the kitchen just as my ginger cat (called, by an odd coincidence, Big Puss!) used to watch over me.


  1. What a wonderful window view and friend, who gave this puss to you.

    This is a perfect way of keeping your window with you wherever you go, GB...well, as long as you have Palin with you :)

  2. Beautiful photos of your garden...
    Looking at the running water brings instant peace, whether it can be heard or not...hope it does to you, too.