Friday, 12 June 2009


This morning there is no wind. That is a Good Thing. This morning at just over 11 deg (yes, I know, it's summer here!) it's a bit warmer than of late. That is a Good Thing. This morning the midges are horrendous! That is a Bad Thing.

In my experience midges do not usually come indoors although they do sometimes make an exception to that rule - usually when they follow a potential meal inside. This morning has been that exception when CJ went for a garden stroll and came back covered in the little blighters.

When I arrived on the Island I cut peats and I planted potatoes. Both of these are communal and outdoor activities. The midges must be mourning the severe diminution of these activities and the fact that even the hard men of the road squads even wear midge protection clothing these days.

Of midges it was said that there was one for every sin of mankind. I can believe that. It was also said that more people left the Island because of the midges than because of the lack of employment opportunities. Perhaps that's stretching things a bit far.

Almost a year ago CJ posted a fairly comprehensive article on The Highland Midge on his, now defunct, The Editorial.


  1. I read CJ's article. I had no idea. Never heard of the little buggers...and I thought Oklahoma mosquitoes were a pain....

  2. believe you me Cynthia they can be horrendous. They can spoil your summer.