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Friday, 26 June 2009

Scary or What?

When I was looking at the photo in the last posting I suddenly realised that the church tower was a face with pointy ears. How scary is that? Or is it just me that sees it?


  1. No not just you. Reminds me of Liverpool Cathedral at night that looks like a face also, wonder how many more there are. Would make a coffee table book.

  2. I see's it too :) - Isn't that the way of the evil one...always trying to detour our attention from God? hahaha (true though)

    Seeing this would cause me to turn around...until that realization entered my mind.

    I like this. I SO OFTEN see beyond the obvious and find a whole entire piece to life because of it...often making me smile :)

  3. Always a different perspective, isn't there?
    When viewing the photos last night, that was my favorite one...

  4. It looks like a fox! Or a lynx. Or, if you prolonged the clock's hands into whiskers, a very flat cat.

    I like making faces out of objects. Cars, for example, have both front and back faces, and makes for entertaining stories when one is sleepy in the back of a car at night during a long trip.

  5. Gosh. Don't you all have vivid imaginations!

    As a person with little imaginative ability I'm afraid that my children must have found me very dull. As the driver I always claimed immunity from in-car games on the grounds that I had to concentrate of our safety. Although true it masked my shortcomings in the imagination field. I can get into stories that I read for children quite well though and still do when the situation arises - usually with my New Zealand family.


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