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Monday 5 May 2008

A Clear Morning

Having a Blog has made a very significant difference to one aspect of my life in particular: I take much more notice of my surroundings. I cannot, for example, remember how many years it is since I went on deck on the ferry as it was leaving Stornoway just to watch it leave. I did so last Wednesday morning (is it really Bank Holiday Monday already?) when I left the Island to come away for my niece Bryony's wedding. My intention (which I carried out) was to photograph the ferry leaving and post the results on this Blog. Unfortunately I brought two cables for my Canon and left at home the cable for the Olympus which I used on the ferry and for the wedding so I can't liven up this posting with some pics.

I was completely floored when I got out to the car to go to the ferry. The windscreen was covered in ice. It was a wonderful, clear morning and, at 0600, perfect for frost. It has been so long (measurable in years) since I've seen ice on a windscreen that I was momentarily taken aback. I eventually got into the garage and found the de-icer. The plastic cap was welded to the aerosol with rust. Fortunately in smashing the cap on the ground I didn't break the nozzle and managed to clear the screen.

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