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Tuesday 13 May 2008

The Llangollen Harp

As CJ and I were driving out of Llangollen we passed the location where the International Eisteddfod is held each year. As we did so we saw a 14 ft high stainless steel harp surmounted by a ring of doves. It is quite stunning. OK so it's rather smaller than the Angel of the North (65' tall) but then Llangollen's rather smaller than Gateshead. 'Though I wager that in the realms of the musical fraternity it's far better known.

When I tried to find out about it I discovered that in modern hype parlance it is a 'gateway'. When it was erected in 2004 Jeremy Knibbs, the Dee Valley Co-ordinator for the Small Towns and Villages Iniative said "This Gateway represents what Llangollen's all about". Hmmm.

However to those of us who are in the non-quango real world it's a beautiful work of art in the form of a Welsh tripple harp incorporating doves of peace - a reference to music through peace.

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