Monday, 26 May 2008


The first time I saw a herd of windmills (what is the collective? Farm?) was in one of the valleys of North Wales. I was struck by the noise which was audible to me on the other side of the valley. They did not strike me as ugly though but as things of considerable elegance and beauty. Of course I wouldn't want them near my back yard and I have yet to be convinced that they are economically viable but those are arguments for other people and another place. The next large windmill I can recall seeing and getting very close to was on Orkney sitting right on top of a hill in a very prominent position. It was a very popular tourist attraction! In New Zealand's North Island on top of some of the most prominent mountains is a very large wind farm. It is accepted and must be one of the most viewed and photographed attractions.

The argument over wind farms on Lewis has raged for a while and will doubtless continue to rage for a while yet. Personally I have never believed that their coming was imminent because without the interconnector to the mainland there would be no point. I cannot see the Government spending the billions of pounds necessary for that at the moment - if ever. The refusal of the largest application by the Scottish Executive would seem to support that view. However we do have three in North Lochs standing in a seemingly very odd location and, since I arrived back this time, usually working.

"Welcome earthmen"

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