1 EAGLETON NOTES: Loggerheads



Tuesday 6 May 2008


As children CJ and I walked the Leet many times. Often as youngsters we would be brought by Dad on the Crosville bus to Loggerheads and walk along the Leet to Pantymwyn and get the bus back to Birkenhead from there. Looking back on it it was a real day out involving much time and travel. Now that we get in a car and the journey can be done in a tiny fraction of the time I'm sure that we don't appreciate it anywhere near as much. In those days the Leet was a narrow footpath and parts of it were very dangerous with the path clinging gingerly to the side of the hill with a considerable fall if one missed one's footing (and no mobile phone to summon help!). The river was usually dry because it was diverted into the lead mines which were worked under the adjacent hill. So at least there was no chance of drowning if one fell! Now the area is very well developed for tourism with an excellent path and lots of ancillary activities.

A new sculpture outside the café

The Leet

CJ in his usual pose photographing a beetle.

The Leet

Isn't Spring so beautiful?

Such a fresh green

I have never been conscious of so many Dandelions as I was today.

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