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Tuesday 6 May 2008

A Day Out: The Old Blwch Pass

It was a beautiful morning so CJ and I decided to head into Wales and visit some of our old haunts. At the top of the Old Bwlch Pass is a car park and the start of one of the paths up Moel Fammau. I climbed up that path on quite a few occasions but, and I'll be saying this quite a lot, the path was a very rough one in those days and not a made up shale path. This has had to be done, of course, to preserve the mountain from the many thousands of people who go up it each year. Fortunately not all of them are like our Uncle Eric who, as a very young man, rode his motorbike up the mountain to celebrate the New Year.

Path up Moel Fammau

The Old Blwch Pass

The town of Ruthin in a hazy valley

Many years ago I helped someone learn to drive. I took him on this road. His Mother who was in the car was less than impressed and her anguish was rather distracting. I answered her question "what will happen if he drives over the edge?" with the comment that we'd probably all be killed so would she please be quiet (paraphrased).

We used to park in here and picnic. Obviously not an approved activity. I'm so glad that we did all these things in the days when one could.

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