Tuesday 13 May 2008


For nearly 35 years Penrith has been one of my favourite towns. I suppose that one of the main reasons is that for that number of years I've been driving through it and stopping in it for coffee and a rest on my way North (or South as the case may have been). I've stayed there (and had some quite memorable times there when so doing!). Carol and I had friends whose parents (and therefore also friends) lived there and we stayed with them. It's a town I could have been very comfortable living in. More recently Wendy and Martin - my very close friends in New Zealand and the reason for my present lifestyle - lived just outside the town and I used to visit them on my way up and down to see Mum and Dad. So it's a place of significance for me. I just thought I'd tell you that before showing you a few pictures that I took last week on the way North.

In the Town Square

The Town 'Square'

This is definitely a dandelion year.

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