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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Doesn't the Sun Always Shine?

Since I arrived back on the Island the sun has shone constantly. Well, I say 'constantly' but what I mean is that it shines on us when it's not gone to bed to shine on someone else. It dips below the ridge on the other side of the valley that my study looks out at from the north window. It rises again and creeps round to shine through the east window.

There has been a cool breeze from the north over the last couple of days but before that the temperature was up to the early 20s. It's still good enough for me and for Ian, a neighbour, to be wearing shorts.

The result is that I've been torn between trying to get the house straightened up, catching up with the last 6 month's paperwork which Pat had so kindly catalogued in a lever arch folder for me, catching up with emails and blogs, doing the garden and going out with CJ. So far the mix has involved the garden and being out in the sun. After all this may be our summer. And the paperwork will wait.

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  1. Hardy folk these islanders - GB in shorts and Ian in shorts with his shirt open, blowing in the breeze. Me with three layers on top and definitely not regretting having left shorts at home!


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