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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Crossing the Minch: M V Isle of Lewis

MV Isle of Lewis is the largest of the ferries operated by Caledonian Macbrayne Ltd (Calmac). As with every ship ever operated by Calmac she has her admirers and those who dislike her. I'm one of the former. Partly I suppose because the MV Suilven whom she replaced in 1995 despite being a robust and seaworthy vessel was also pretty horrible from the passenger's point of view being slow, cramped and having a wonderful ability to corkscrew on the calmest of seas.

The cafeteria

Examples of the etched glass dividers in the cafeteria

The view from 'my' usual seat

The upper lounge

Entering Loch Broom

The after decks

Ullapool under a heavy sky

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