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Friday 29 August 2008

A Walk in the Country

This time yesterday (Thursday about 4pm) I was out for a walk down the lane at Maumulon. It was hot but quite bearable. Today it would be quite out of the question. In fact it is so hot that, even sitting reading in the shade, I have decided that a few minutes in the house doing a posting will cool me down a bit. This is not, you understand, any sort of complaint.

The walk was fascinating in that I usually cycle this lane and therefore don't stop to look at the nature around me. The first thing that struck me was the many many hundreds of little butterflies everywhere - almost all of a similar marking though some were cabbage white size and some much smaller. I did see a small blueish one and a very large one that actually stopped in front of me for exactly the amount of time it took my camera to decide to hibernate and then come out of hibernation. It (the butterfly, you understand) flew off as I was ready to take the photo. I have no insect books here but I think I'll remember it.

Unlike CJ's or Helen's postings this one will have no names against most of the flora and fauna 'cos I have no reference books here and have no internal hard drive memory for these things.

Anyway I hope that you will enjoy my walk as we go along the lane:

The start

Bullrushes - memories of childhood. I've loved them ever since

We had them in a vase at home when I was wee.

It's a long lane - fortunately shaded

"I trust you are not coming in my field"

You never know what's on the other side of the hedge

No idea

A wild bee ? on clover

Hot out here

Wilder than Helen and Ian's garden but still teasels

Is it really this long?

It's cornflower blue but ??


I coud have had enough for jam for a decade

No I don't think hip gin would be nice and I could find no sloes


One of a thousand

Some sort of growth on the roses?

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