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Monday, 25 August 2008

On Taps, Hot Water and The Vagaries of Life

Hot water comes out of the left hand tap as one looks at the taps. That is a simple enough truth. It seems to hold true as a general rule in much of Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I can't really speak with certain personal experience for other countries. On the whole it would not be a major issue if the hot water came out of the right hand tap provided that the tap was clearly labelled with a red or blue band or dot in the way that almost all taps are. It would help, too, if all the taps in a bathroom were consistent - whichever way round they are.

However, if one is faced, as I was when I arrived at Helen and Ian's, with a bathroom where the hot tap on the washbasin is on the right and the hot tap on the bath is on the left and there are no distinguishing marks of any sort on the taps the first time of using the bathroom can be a slightly strange not to mention rather invigorating or burning experience.

Coming up with a memory jogger such as "the hot tap is always furthest away from the window (or nearest the door)" is ok if you have been told the rule and can remember it but of no use otherwise. It's not very intuitive either.

So what is the purpose of this posting? I have absolutely no idea. I thought I'd share it with you anyway.

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