Sunday 3 August 2008

MV Mona Lisa

If ever there was a vessel which couldn't decide what it wanted to be called this is it: MV Mona Lisa. She was built in 1965 as the combined ocean liner / cruise ship MV Kungsholm. She was later furbished as a full-time cruise ship. She has also sailed under the names MV Sea Princess, MV Victoria and MV Oceanic II. Currently, the ship is at 28,891 GRT and 201 metres (660 feet) long with a breadth of 26.5 metres.

The 790-passenger vessel has 397 passenger cabins (292 outside, 105 inside), 8 passenger decks, 4 passenger elevators, 2 outdoor and 1 indoor swimming pool, a sauna and a massage parlor. She has 3 restaurants, 4 lounges, 4 indoor bars, 1 outdoor bar and a 300-passenger capacity theater. There is also a full-service fitness center, hair salon and a fully equipped hospital.

Just think: all that was floating past the bottom of my garden yesterday afternoon. Amazing.

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