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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thankful Thursday

I may well have posted these photos before.  Then again I may not have done so.  Unfortunately memory is not one of my strong points.  In fact I can't even remember what my strong points are or were.  However as this is about being thankful I will explain the relevance of the two photos.  The mountain or hill is The Clisham.  It's a Corbett at 799 m or 2621 ft.  This photo was taken in 2004 which is the last time I climbed anything significant.  Recently I have been feeling a bit sad that I am unlikely ever to be able to climb such a hill again.  Actually I probably could climb up it with some difficulty but I would be unlikely to be able to get down again.  Why?  Well if I tell you that I sometimes get comments on the noise my knee sometimes makes when I walk across a room you'll get the picture.  This is not a 'poor me' post.  I can get on perfectly well with my knee as it is and I'm not in significant pain most of the time.  But it does have its limitations.

However this is a Thankful Thursday post and looking back at all I've done and all the hills I've walked I am very thankful that I had those experiences.  There are a great many people who have never been able to walk at all; many who have been injured and cannot walk now; many who are just getting older.

Yes.  I am very thankful.

Gaz, laid back as ever, just ready for a stroll up The Clisham having climbed Mont Blanc a few weeks previously.
On top of The Clishsm


  1. I think I've seen the second photo before but memories like that are well worth returning to (not least when one does not expect to be able to return to the actual place). The highest I've been is the Austrian alps, but I guess it should be noted that it was a bus that took me up ;)I never was much of a climber!

  2. The only climbing I ever did was a cherry tree in our backyard. Other than that, no thanks. Like you, I'm grateful to still be able to walk, what a gift!

  3. Yes, we've seen the second one before but it is such a great shot, very happy to see it again. I'm thankful for the memories of the things I was once able to do. And for a brain that most of the time keeps me from self harm.

  4. Probably was a "stroll" for him. Would be a struggle for me (that includes oxygen!). :)


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