Monday, 6 June 2011


The trusty steed isn't happy.  The Nighthawk's in Casualty/ER/A&E waiting for a diagnosis.  It's like so many things that happen to us as we get a bit older - bits keep getting tired and failing.  Mind you she's still a youngster.  Actually this problem has been partially showing itself for a while but every time a doc looks at her she's pronounced fit or undiagnosable.  The problem?  The tailgate (for the Nighthawk is a tourer/estate/station wagon) opens and closes by using a button on the key.  Yesterday when CJ and I arrived back from our day out I opened the tailgate but when I closed it it failed to lock which in turn prevented her from being secured.

This morning I took her to the Wirral's only Honda Hospital.  Given that the Wirral peninsula has a population somewhere approaching 500,000 people I was surprised there was only one hospital dedicated to Hondas.  I was less surprised to learn that they were unlikely to be able to look at her this week. It seems that car hospitals have the same problem as the ones we humans use.

I managed to find another general hospital who kindly offered to look at her but the latest news is that the problem needs a specialist.  Fortunately one will be visiting the hospital today.  It sounds as if she needs a rear lock motor transplant.  Oh dear.

In the meantime CJ and I are grounded!


  1. Sorry to hear that. I shall cross my fingers that you have good weather and can at least enjoy the garden at the Willows while you're stuck.

  2. I find hospitals great if it's something obvious like a broken arm (or wing in the case of a Nighthawk) but ideopathic problems have even the consultants beaten.

  3. Sorry to hear that. But I guess there could be worse places to find yourself grounded! At least you'll have company, books, crosswords (I presume!) and computers at hand...


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