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Monday, 6 June 2011

Journeying - Day 2

On Friday morning I woke at 0430 as a Blackbird's beautiful and exceptionally penetrating song came in through the open bedroom window.  I love that sound.  But not at that time of the morning, thank you very much.  Fortunately I managed to get another couple of hours of shuteye.  Then David and I went for a walk with Molly along the shore at West Wemyss for an hour or so before breakfast and my journey down to Durham.  There I became a tourist for a while before meeting up with friends for  the evening.

Mornings on the Firth of Forth don't come much calmer than this.
However they do come stormier and the shore was littered with broken trees from a recent very severe gale which left much of Scotland paralysed for several hours
Many remained, however, as did this beautiful bank of lupins
David even managed to tire Molly with all the ball throwing
The pigeons had colonised the cliff face.  I would like to know how all the holes appeared in the sandstone: many where perfectly and unnaturally cylindrical
But don't try and get in because it's always locked
I hit the jackpot with my room at the Radison Blu in Durham: exceptional comfort and service with every facility I could have needed


  1. Looks like a lovely morning walk and again lucky with the weather ;)

    And that hotel room does look comfy! If I did go travelling, that's what I'd like to see at the end of the day ;)

  2. Lovely room!! Seen you over at SS's blog :)
    Nice pic of you too ;)

  3. Your room looks nice and crisp. I like that shot of the welcome rock, even though it doesn't tell the truth - if the doors are always locked.

    Enjoy your travels, dear friend.

  4. Another lovely day for you! Hope it stays with you. Your room looks great, so nice to see something other than the usual bland, muted colours.


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