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Wednesday 15 June 2011

A Day in Glasgow

Written: Tuesday 14th June

The Nighthawk went into the Car Hospital today at 0800 so I was left with no transport.  I caught a bus (one of those big things which hold lots of people, stops a lot and swarm all over the City) from the Hospital into the City Centre and then caught another one out to The Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery.  Anna came there for lunch and then took me to collect the Nighthawk.

When I got into the City Centre first thing this morning (ie around 9am) I decided to have some breakfast.  On Sauchiehall Street I found Bradford's Tea Room (it's also a bakery) with a very enticing menu.  Like so many of these places in the UK it promised much more than it delivered.  Its bacon roll might have been delicious but as they had no Earl Grey tea and the coffee came in a paper cup I declined their offer and went elsewhere.

I was once a member of the former Scottish Royal Automobile Club (an old-fashioned Residential  Club in Blytheswood Square in the centre of Glasgow).  As it had closed some years ago I wondered what had become of it.  Well it is now The Blytheswood Hotel and a very exclusive place it is too.

The SRAC Arms are still on the wall
'Motherless' about which I have blogged before.
Portrait Head by David Gauld about 1895.  Out of the thousands of pictures this one always captures my heart
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From the sublime to the ridiculous!
At 1pm most days there is an organ recital.


  1. "The Glasgow Toilets" suggests it is the only one in the city? I sure hope not...

  2. I do remember that statue from some earlier post of yours. I also seem to remember that portrait... Most likely perhaps from your blog as well but not sure. Anyway both are well worth repeated visits :)

  3. well...toilets are necessary, you know.
    love that portrait!
    glad you repeated because I've never seen it.

  4. Scriptor. There is only one toilet. Anywhere in Glasgow.

  5. Nice to revisit "Motherless" and the wistful girl. She still has that something special.

  6. So, what did you get for breakfast in the end, and where?

  7. Toilets are a very important part of my life! Glasgow's ok for toilets if you know where to look! The sign actually said Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style - the toilets were incidental! Anna's sense of humour pointed the seeming silliness.

    Librarian: I had my breakfast in John Lewis's Coffee Shop in Glasgow's Buchanan Galleries. Wonderful - bacon roll and Earl Gret tea. You've given me an idea for a blog posting. Thanks.


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