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Saturday, 11 June 2011

A Few Images from Durham

Actually these are the sort of images one could find almost anywhere but I thought that I'd share them anyway:

Unusual burgers for the UK!
I though this was a rather attractive, imaginative, practical and unusual set of railings
Dad used to call me a Mugwump.  No one in the shop knew why it was so called.  One girl (for that she was) said she thought it was someone who sat on a fence (literally rather than actually) and that quite a few people came in and said their parents had called them one. You need to Wiki it for a fuller explanation.  The little door to the right hides a splendid cellar restaurant where we had dinner - the best restaurant pan-fried duck breast that I have ever tasted.
This one is to amuse my New Zealand friends


  1. The menu definitely cannot be found just anywhere! Definitely not in Indiana!
    Love the brick road.
    Just looked up Mugwump on wikipedia. don't remember ever learning this is history in school. Thanks for the new tidbit of American history that I learned today. :)

  2. Your father found the perfect name for you, didn't he? I was fascinated by the word...then I scrolled down and saw the number plate. I know a few people who would love to have that....would look so good with a couple of protest flags flying.

  3. The railings may be "attractive, imaginative, practical and unusual" but judging by where your photo was taken from they also appear to be ineffective!

  4. If you enjoyed the look of the menu in the first photo then you should have a look at http://alternativemeats.co.uk/ from where you can mail order an unbelievable strange array of exotic meats.

  5. The railing picture is very good! And I have learnt a new word, thank you for that :-)


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