Saturday 11 June 2011

A Grump

I'm afraid I have to apologise to the Thankful Fairies and the Keeper of the Glad Games today.  I was a Grump.  I'm not often a Grump.  Leastways I don't think I am.  Although there are occasions....  Today was one of them.  It was the Scottish Golf Croquet Open Championship Tournament.  Sounds grander than it is.  Last year I came second.  That was probably more of an achievement than the previous year when I won.  Although I would say that when I won it was the day after I finished my radiotherapy treatment.  Had the tournament been the day before or the day after I would not have been capable of playing.  It's a funny old world.  Anyway, as usual, I digress and am rambling.

Today started really well.  The sun shone.  It was almost bordering upon warm.  I was playing really well.  Then the clouds came.  The wind went cold.  The rain started.  Heavily.  My play deteriorated.  Then I had to wait , wet and cold, for about 90 minutes for my next game.  By the time I was back on the lawn I was cold, wet and stiff and my wrist was bandaged and sore.  I was a real Grump.  I lost my next game 0:7.   I was even grumpier.

Then the rain stopped.  It got a bit warmer.  It was early evening by this time and I had one more game.  One game away from some spag bol and a glass of wine.  I won.  It was the deciding game to take me into the last four tomorrow.  The competition is fierce.  I shall be playing one of the UK's top 20:  best of 3 at 0930.  

I'd better have an early night tonight.


  1. Oh, may the next be less grumpy for you....but I truly understand how that grumpiness can settle itself in, all too easily, sometimes.

  2. I thought You were the Keeper of the Glad Game! ;) I'm sure that must have been your Grumpy Twin taking over for a while yesterday. Grumpy Twins do tend to thrive in wet and cold weather. I know mine does.

    I can only wish for the sun to shine over your games today. Now, how did that rhyme go... (You've recited it on your blog before) "Rain rain go away, little GB wants to play..."

    Keep smiling!

  3. I can certainly see why you had a grumpy spell-soaked by rain and recovering from a medical procedure...you are allowed! Hope today goes better and the sun shines for you GB.

  4. Amazing what a little warm sunshine will do! Congratulations!
    I get VERY grumpy when I'm cold. Just ask Hubby.


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