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Thursday 30 June 2011

Thankful Thursday

What is it about talented people?  Why do they get so much of a good thing?  I knew (still know I suppose 'cos you don't suddenly 'unknow' someone do you?) one of the world's top environmental lawyers.  I first met him years ago when he was 'just' a successful lawyer here in Scotland.  His talent was prodigious.  However he hadn't always wanted to be a lawyer.  He had the opportunity of being a professional footballer.  I have no doubt that he would have excelled at that too.  He decided on law because he realised that, as a career, it had greater longevity.  What made him stand out, though, was that he could quite happily walk and talk with kings or commoners and never feel out of place nor make them feel out of place either.  All in all he is an extraordinary man. 

I have used him as an example.  An example of people with talent - real talent.  An example of the fact that when a person possess one really exceptional talent they often possess many more as well. Secretly I often wondered why talent couldn't be shared around a bit more!

I was thinking of this because I saw another picture a few days ago by a local Doctor who is also an exceptionally talented artist.  When she produces a picture of a face you can see through the face's eyes into the subject's soul.

I know a few people who come into this category and know of many more.

Why am I doing a Thankful Thursday post on this subject when I possess absolutely no exceptional talent at all.  And, no, this is not me being modest.  One thing I learned very early on in life was to recognise and work with my limitations (which, very unfortunately, are many).

So today I am thankful for the fact that I did recognise those limitations early on in my life because that recognition has enabled me to live very happily within the ability I do have without constantly yearning or striving for unattainable goals.


  1. I understand what you mean............I tend to live within my own limitations too. But I disagree with it as well. When I was teaching children I desperately wanted to show them they were capable of so much more!!!!
    Living happily is a great thing though. Congrats :-)

  2. I suppose it's pushing it to claim as a talent that I love being old!Children, grandchildren, bus pass, pension and, for the moment at least, my health!

  3. It's healthy, I think, to know one's abilities AND to be happy with them. And let's hear a big amen for that!

  4. Recognizing one's limitations might be called a talent as well. Not everyone is blessed with it! ;)

  5. But, you are the most exceptional you that there is.
    During those times that we kind of re-evaluate ourselves (I do it more often than I should!), it's good to remember that just because we're not great at some things, we are the best at being ourselves. That thought makes me want to be an even better me. :) Does that make sense?

  6. He was a great lecturer too. I took several courses just because he taught them!

  7. You underestimate your talent to entertain people (and I'm not just referring to your hospitality and cooking skills!)and make them happy in your company. Your D.I.Y. skills are exceptional. And the ability to put your whole into any job you tackle can also be considered a talent. How dare you suggest my brother is not talented!

  8. Jaz: I agree with you and your schoolchildren must have benefitted from such enthusiasm. When I have coached I saw part of my role as helping people extend their belief in themselves but I also realised that pushing people beyond their talent usually ended up in frustrating disappointment.

    Sue: You have taken being the Mater Familias to an artform.

    Norma: I'll say AMEN to that too.

    Monica: I'd not looked at it that way but certainly there are many unhappy people striving to be or achieve what for them is the impossible. Question: should they stop striving?

    Lisa: Yes it does make sense. To me, anyway. We can all be better people (well I know I could be) but within the parameters of our talent.

    Wendy: Yes. I've no doubt that I would have done too.

    CJ: You are too kind. Loving people helps. How much of the rest is talent and how much is sheer doggedness may be open to discussion.

  9. Graham I think you already answered your own question. I'd say that without setting goals from time to time we also won't know how far we can reach; but if we just find ourselves repeatedly failing or banging our head against the same old wall it may be better to start looking for either a different way around the obstacle, or a different goal. Generally I'd also say it's better to set goals step by step, and to stop and ask ourselves from time to time if we still want what we originally thought we wanted!

  10. I agree with Shabby Girl. Limitations or not, no-one is as good at being me as I am (although, to be honest, I don't think many have really tried.)


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